Castle Employment Service Agency was established in 1996 by Mdm Kon Siew Fah. Since then, the company has developed a powerful brand and a reputation as the leading employment agency in East Malaysia. Because of this effort, the company has grown and is now known as Castle Employment Service Agency Sdn Bhd.

Castle prides itself on its prompt delivery and excellent customer service as an employment agency, we cater to all our clients human resources needs such as work permit applications; human resource management; health, investment and general insurance policies; relocation and orientations services; staff house or facility maintenance, cleaning services and many more.

Lot 2498, 1st Floor, Boulevard Commercial Centre, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia          Tel: +6085 418867         Fax: +6085 431182         Email:            Company Registration Code: 826231-D
Established since 1996